This Handy Attachment Will Help All The Terrible ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Out There

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Pokemon Go fever has griped the nation and some are starting to profit from it. Someone has done us all a favor and created an iPhone case that is specifically designed to help catch Pokémon out in the wild. Think of it as a helpful friend that guides your fingers to throwing a poke ball.

Jon Cleaver designed the specific case, that users can download and create through a 3D-printer. Users can head over to My Mini Factory to dig up the details on how to download the case. No longer will users have to worry about a poke ball drifting away and losing out on the chance to acquire an ultra rare Pokémon.

The only caveat to the clever case design is that it obscures the view of most of the screen. But isn’t a shrouded view worth it to get the Pokémon of your dreams? Perhaps so.

But the new phone case brings into question whether this helps improve a user’s performance in a slightly unfair manner. Does this give some Pokémon trainers a competitive edge when in the wild? Maybe. In the cutthroat of Pokémon catching, you need to do anything to get a leg up on the competition, especially for those that are light years ahead in filling out their pokedex and are pulling out all the stops to catch em’ all. It’s only a matter of time before the discussion of Pokémon PED’s becomes a federal case. We’re through the looking glass here people.

(via Engadget & Gizmodo)

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