Someone Has FInally Quit Their Job In Order To Play ‘Pokemon Go’ Full Time

Shutterstock / Nintendo

Look, you know and I know and everyone knows that the only true currency in this crazy, mixed up world is Pokemon Go. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all just throw our hands in the air, take a deep breath and drop everything just so we could stare at our phones while looking for animated creatures that don’t really exist for the rest of our lives? It absolutely would. And we have some dude named Tom Currie to thank for that.

See, Tom just wasn’t feeling being a barista and a bartender near the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. So he channeled all of our energy for us and quit so he could play Pokemon Go full-time. Per the BBC, he’s hopeful that his friends and family will help him foot some of the bills that will inevitably build up now that he’s working for free at his Pokemon Go skills. And he tells the news outlet that his folks are “a bit baffled” at his decision.

But why though? Don’t they realize that this isn’t just a video game, it’s a movement? A culture? A way to spend even more time damaging the vertebrae in your neck staring slightly downward at your hand-held device? Maybe Tom’s dad does, seeing as how he sent his son a text telling him he always knew he’d be famous.

Tom says he’s gotten a “lovely response” regarding his decision. He’s also meeting tons of people, traveling to cities and towns he’d never been to before and was even called a hero by someone who clearly aspires to the heights Tom has reached and perhaps will too be inspired to give it all up for Pokemon.

Because that’s what Tom is. An inspiration. An inspiration to us all.

(via BBC UK)