The Newest ‘Suicide Squad’ Rumors Reveal More About The Joker, Gary Sinise’s Character, And More

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A new batch of Suicide Squad rumors comes to us from Joblo. To quickly recap, we’ve already heard Joel Edgerton and Jon Bernthal are being considered to play Rick Flagg, Jr., now that Tom Hardy is out. We also heard Joe Manganiello might play Deathstroke, and Gary Sinise has already been cast in a not-yet-announced role (more on that later). There’s also a rumor Ben Affleck’s Batman will cameo to set up a future standalone Batman movie pitting him against Jared Leto’s Joker.

So what’s new? Joblo says Karl Urban is also being considered for Rick Flagg Jr., depending on whether or not he gets that role in Aquaman instead. His casting in Aquaman reportedly hinges on which version of the script DC chooses, so he’s still in contention for Suicide Squad. Joblo also says Rick Flagg, Sr., will be in the film, and two actors being considered are Ed Harris and Max Martini (who seems way too young, being only 45).

The Thinker (Clifford DeVoe) is reportedly a character in the script, and Geoffrey Rush is said to have already turned down the role. Another character Joblo says is in the script is General Sam Lane, who is Lois Lane’s distant father. This is the character Gary Sinise is rumored to be playing.

Joblo also confirms that Joe Manganiello is the first choice to play Deathstroke, but they add Jason Clarke is also being considered. They say Deathstroke will be a hired assassin competing with the Squad rather than a member of the team. They also say a little bit about The Enchantress (Cara Delevinge) and reveal something interesting about The Joker:

The Joker “is scarred all over his body because of his battles with Batman” and he continually “plays mind games with people and twists [their] minds.” We’ve already heard that he’s very much inspired by Hannibal Lecter in that sense, and our source indicates that “everyone is afraid of him.” So, apparently The Joker and Batman will have an already established relationship here, which would make perfect sense seeing as we have a much older Batman in this new DCCU, rather than a new one just starting out.

As for the rumored Ben Affleck cameo, Joblo says it’s not guaranteed and will depend on Ben Affleck’s schedule. Well, if he’s not available, we can think of somebody who’d love to do it.