‘The Flash’ Gets A Quick Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

07.07.14 4 years ago

The Flash is one of the fall’s more promising new shows, especially after the pilot that everybody saw illegally was accidentally released online. And, of course, it now has the obligatory behind-the-scenes video. But this one does have some interesting stuff.

Mostly the video follows a few effects shots as they’re assembled, which is actually fairly interesting in its own right. Grant Gustin won’t have to worry about cardio, as most of the shots seem at least partially based on his running. Although we pity the poor intern stuck sawing off the top part of a treadmill and painting the rest green. Interestingly, the finished shots we briefly see look a bit more polished, as well. Either they took their time, or they’ve got a supremely efficient effects pipeline.

Beyond that, it’s mostly fluff, but it’s fluff where people seem genuinely excited about the show they’re involved in. We’ll be curious to see how that excitement pays off starting in October.

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