‘The Flash’ Picks Up Speed In A New Trailer

08.28.14 3 years ago 6 Comments

The CW has been putting out a lot of short clips from The Flash lately, which we’ve tried to avoid burying you under. Nothing can kill a show like being overhyped. But this longer trailer is a good overview of the pilot.

It’s especially interesting because we get a bit more of a look at the cast: To this point it’s largely centered on how the show has a better effects budget than most shows on TV. It doesn’t tell us anything new, though. That’s largely reserved for the CW’s new promotional poster, which in addition to an Arrow shoutout makes reference to Steel, Mr. Freeze, Blue Beetle, and, most intriguingly, Gorilla Grodd. This isn’t the first time the goofy yet dangerous Flash villain has turned up in the materials, which makes me wonder if he’s the overarching villain of the first season. We’ll find out starting October 7th on the CW.


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