The Third Season Of ‘Arrow’ Has A Brief, Awesome Teaser

Senior Contributor
09.02.14 7 Comments

Well, that crams a lot into nineteen seconds. Normal people would just say “That looks awesome!” and watch it. But we’re weird, so let’s overanalyze!

First of all, Ollie has finally noticed Felicity romantically, after two years of working closely with her and sleeping with literally every other woman within range. Including his ex, which wrecked her current relationship, and her sister, which got him into this mess in the first place. We expect this to last maybe an episode.

Laurel appears, and apparently she has decided to start beating up sick people. But he’s a bit overweight and has a goatee, so he’s probably a bad person anyway. Sara has also returned, and is also beating on people. Thea and Malcolm also make an appearance, with Thea showing off some fairly slick sword skills, although she’ll have to do more than that to justify having her around during season one.

Finally, we once again hear Ollie recite his version of Ezekiel 25:17, which hopefully means we’ve got the return of scary homicidal Ollie. We’ll know for sure on the CW October 8th.

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