‘The Tick’ Is Returning To Spread Justice In A New Live Action Reboot On Amazon

For one short season, the world felt the wonderful weirdness that a live-action The Tick could provide. We only got 9 episodes over 2001-2002, but they were nuggets hilarity that were far ahead of their time and in an era that still wasn’t over-saturated with comic book heroes. Now, Amazon Prime is playing superhero themselves, and their power is rebooting cult comic book comedies. Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick is back as a writer and executive producer, and so far Amazon and Sony Pictures have cast two actors for the pilot: Griffin Newman as Arthur, Tick’s sidekick, and Valorie Curry as his sister, Dot.

Now that the good news is out of the way, here’s the bummer: Deadline has reported that Patrick Warburton, the perfectly-cast star of the original live-action series, will not be back under the blue suit and antennas. But he will likely be executive producing the pilot along Edlund, so that’s good.

Here’s a couple quick takeaways. Unlike most pilot orders, we’ll probably see this. If we see it, that means The Tick will inevitably get a positive response, which means Amazon will order the series into production. If they order the series into production, it will be embraced into the warm bosom of fans who enjoy quirky superhero comedies, and it will then last (hopefully) for longer than the three seasons the animated series ran for, and no doubt more than 9 episodes.

This is a good day.

(Via Deadline)