World’s Greatest Dad Builds A ’66 Batmobile Out Of Lego For His Daughter’s Minifigs

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07.15.14 4 Comments
batmobile lego

Sam Gras

Sam Gras’ daughter came to him with a request: She loved her Batman and Robin minifigs, but they had no wheels. Could he build her some? The result is so good, it might actually become an official LEGO playset.

The story behind the build is heartwarming, of course; she wanted Batman and Robin to be able to sit side-by-side. And Gras is no stranger to difficult, convincing builds: Check out the Soundwave costume he built. Still, even by that standard, this is something of a work of art.

Among the nice touches are the screen accurate license plates, the bust of Shakespeare with a little button underneath, and the infamous Bat Shark Repellent tucked away just where you need it most. It even has flames rocketing out the back:

batmobile lego 2

Sam Gras

Even better, unlike a lot of sets that hit Cuusoo, Lego’s democratic platform for voting on sets, this one doesn’t have any real legal hurdles. Lego owns the rights to make Batman toys, and the merchandising rights for the ’66 series were recently straightened out for the DVD release. So, this is actually something we could buy and construct.

This is where you come in: It still needs some votes. But we’re optimistic that Batman will ride in his classic George Barris design again; nobody can deny the logic that Batman needs an awesome car.

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