50 Cent ‘Forgot’ About The Shrewd Business Move That Earned Him Millions In Bitcoin

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Even though 50 Cent may claim he’s bankrupt in court, it’s always been assumed that he has a ton of money laying around. He’s sold millions of records, dabbled in film and stars on a hit television show, so 50 is generating income one way or another. Well, it turns out he’s making so much money that he’s comfortable enough to forget a huge chunk of income that’s just been sitting around gaining worth for years, in the form of the world’s most popular and cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

Yes, apparently when TMZ reported that 50 Cent had struck a $7 million gold mine in 2014 by accepting bitcoins for his album Animal Ambition, it was news to the rapper himself. The album was valued at about $662 in bitcoins at the time, and sold between 600 and 700 copies, generating over $400,000, according to TMZ. Now, with the inflation of the bitcoin, those 600 to 700 albums sold are worth anywhere from $7 million to $8.5 million.

Naturally, 50 congratulated himself a tad in an Instagram post on the news, saying “Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I’m so proud of me,” later adding “I’m a keep it real. I forgot I did that sh*t” in a comment.

As crazy as it sounds, you can kind of see where 50 is coming from here. Animal Ambition was the lowest selling album of his career, and the first album that failed to chart even one Billboard Hot 100 single. So, you can understand that he may have wanted to just wash his hands of the album and move on. Turns out, that soap he washes his hands with is going to be worth quite a few dollars, even if he forgot about it.


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