The Worst Songs Of 2017

Cultural Critic
12.12.17 7 Comments

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Picking the worst songs of the year is serious business. It’s like I always say: Saying something is the best is a matter of opinion, but declaring something the worst requires evidence. You can’t just go with the songs that you’re sick of hearing or find mildly irritating. You must dig through all the garbage released in a given year and determine what is demonstrably terrible. These songs must clear rooms, ruin days, and cause physical discomfort. And it takes hard work, patience, fortitude, and partial deafness to help withstand the steady onslaught of bad you must endure to find those songs.

But I’ve done it! These are the worst songs of 2017, ranked in order from infuriatingly insipid to apocalypse-level awful. For your convenience, I have also compiled the worst playlist of the year to go with it, so you can listen along while reading the list. You’re welcome! I’m sorry!

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