Andre 3000 Is Just Walking Around Airports Playing The Flute Now

Getty Image

The enigmatic Andre 3000 has kept busy since Outkast stopped putting out albums and touring. Recently, the hip-hop icon wrote and recorded a song with Anderson .Paak (“Come Home“), and has acted in a few films and TV shows recently. But that still leaves a fair amount of free time. Outside of being a legend, what are Andre 3000’s hobbies? Is he in a book club?

It looks like Andre Benjamin has one eccentric pastime. On Friday afternoon, journalist Antonia Cereijido tweeted that she was strolling around the airport when she heard a guy playing the flute near her terminal. The guy looked suspiciously like Andre 3000.

“I saw a man walking around my terminal playing a flute for 40min and was losing my mind because I thought it was Andre 3000,” Cereijido said. “And then it WAS Andre 3000!!!”

Cereijido snapped a pic with the rapper, but apparently was so shell-shocked that she forgot to tell him what a legend he was. “Of course I didn’t say anything good,” Cereijido replied to a friend in another tweet. “Now I’m like… I should’ve talked about how good his verse on ‘Solo’ is. And how my mom once had a dream he taught our family to dance the [‘Hey Ya’] dance and we had achieved the American Dream. W/E NO REGRETS.”

Check out her account of the run-in above, and I guess be on the lookout for Andre 3000 and his flute next time you’re at an airport.