All The Best Spotify Rap Workout Playlists

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Best Spotify Rap Workout Playlists

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Last Updated: August 31st

Hip-hop is the best workout music, hands down. Whether you need to catch a steady rhythm for your cardio routine or a blast of confidence to push through that last rep of heavyweights, there is no genre better suited to provide exactly what you’re looking for to enhance your exercise experience.

As a genre, rap tends to traffic in swaggering boasts, which can help pump up your ego when you’re looking around a crowded gym and feeling deflated, and motivational lyrics to help you feel like you can do anything when you hit the wall during a training session. The driving beats, especially the more uptempo or anthemic ones, get your heart racing and help you keep pace, whether on the treadmill or on the trail. And let’s face it, occasionally you just need to drown out the noise of a packed fitness center, the distraction of a chatty workout partner, or just the ambient sounds of the clamorous world around you.

Below are some of the best workout mixes on Spotify that primarily focus on rap and hip-hop — and associated genres like UK Grime for variety. Some are long, some are short, some stick to old school, while others fully embrace the new, while still others blend both, and one is even all clean versions for those home workouts with little ones present. Check them all out, and may they help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

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