Beyonce Has Reportedly Gone From 12 Dancers To A Whopping 100 For Her Coachella Performance


Beyonce didn’t drop new music on her and Jay-Z’s recent 10th wedding anniversary, but it looks like she was still busy figuring out things for her fans. TMZ reports that the megastar has initiated a mega-upgrade of her Coachella set. Previously, we learned that Beyonce was working 11-hour days with roughly a dozen dancers for her upcoming performances, but that number has expanded. By how much? That 12 is now 100. Who knows if Beyonce wants to shuffle 100 dancers through her initial set of a dozen dancers, or if the stage will now be a massive scene of dancers.

Based on her reportedly moving rehearsals to a larger studio, we could perhaps assume that it’s the latter. We won’t know much until the actual set, as the dancers have of course signed non-disclosures which prohibit them from saying a word about what Queen Bey has in store for Coachella festival-goers.

TMZ says that after cancelling her performance last year because of her pregnancy, Beyonce feels a desire to “shock and awe.” Her #Beyhive is generally shocked and awed by seemingly everything she does, but it’s clear that she’s trying to stop the world with an epic performance. Time will tell how well she – and her new hoard of dancers — execute on her plan.