Memphis Rapper Blocboy JB Might Be Drake’s Latest OVO Records Signee

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Memphis rapper Blocboy JB is blowing up, thanks in large part to his irrefutably catchy singles “Two,” “Yeah,” and “Shoot,” the infectious dance that accompanies the latter, and his latest masterpiece, “Look Alive,” which features an assist from none other than Drake, whose attempt to duplicate the “shoot dance” in the music video contributed to the song’s viral success.

In a new interview with The Fader, JB explains how the collaboration came about, and addresses rumors that he is the first non-Canadian signed to Drake’s Toronto-based OVO Sound record label.

How did you meet Drake?

OK, so, he had posted the song [on Instagram], and as soon as he posted it, I had replied 100. And then he was like, “My favorite rapper! We gotta cook.” As soon as I said, “OK,” he called me. And then the next day, he sent me his part of the song. He knew my producer [Tay Keith] already so he was already talking to him and he got the beat from him, sent it to me early in the morning. I jumped straight up and went to the studio. Then about two or three days later, he was in the city and we shot the video. It still seem fake, like a dream. I could pinch myself and not feel it.

There’s rumors that you’re signing with OVO? Is there any truth to that?

Somewhat. I’m trying to see what’s my move.

While Blocboy plays coy, the credits that accompany his collaboration with the Canadian label boss do display “OVO Sound/Warner Bros.” in the label info, while Warner Bros. was the label responsible for pushing “Look Alive” to radio. Time will reveal whether or not, Blocboy is really signed to OVO, but one thing is certain: No matter where he is signed or will sign, he’s going to bring a following of fans and fun along with him.

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