B.O.B. Continues To Peddle His Flat Earth Theories, This Time With A Fundraiser

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Well, it looks like Bobby Ray really is all in on this flat Earth stuff, y’all. Despite being schooled by pre-eminent physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Twitter (including a vicious diss track from the scientist’s nephew), B.O.B. doubled down on his out-there theory last month during the solar eclipse, crediting the natural phenomenon of the moon crossing between the Earth and the sun to mythological deities Rahu and Ketu.

Now, the former XXL freshman and formerly chart-topping “So Good” rapper is getting super serious about proving the Earth is really just a disc in a dome by starting a GoFundMe to “purchase and launch multiple satellites into space.” The goal is set at $200,000, which I guess is enough for a small, economy-class satellite — you know, just something for day-to-day use, nothing too flashy.

In all seriousness, donate at your own risk. I hate to cast aspersions on any rapper’s integrity but hey, after Wyclef Jean misappropriated Yele charity funds for Haitian relief efforts to pay off a mistress to the tune of $100,000, let’s just say be very careful how much money you’re willing to donate to any entertainer for any reason.

If you’re interested, curious, or even a true believer, you can visit B.O.B.’s GoFundMe for more information.