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Bun B Reveals How He Felt After Shooting An Intruder On ‘People’s Party With Talib Kweli’

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Texas rap legend Bun B was recently in headlines for more than music after he shot at an intruder during a home invasion attempt. While the would-be robber was unable to make off with any of Bun’s valuables and was later caught when he checked himself into the hospital, Bun says his wife Queenie is still traumatized after the burglar held her at gunpoint. During an interview with the host of Uproxx’s new show, People’s Party With Talib Kweli, Bun was forthcoming with the fact that the two felt violated by the intrusion, but that he is glad that he didn’t actually kill the attacker although he does feel he did his duty as a husband.

“We’re working through it — it’s a process,” Bun admitted. “It’s a lot for her to deal with.” However, he says, “In the moment, I was really trying to kill this man… I had never felt more violated in my life… to think that you can do this to my wife.” He also detailed his actions when he realized something was amiss, saying that Queenie doesn’t usually answer the door at home and that he wishes she hadn’t had to face such a threat herself. Bun and Kweli also discussed how important it is for Black people to study and learn gun laws and their rights.

Elsewhere in the episode, the pair discuss the recording of some of Bun’s legendary recordings with Pimp C as UGK, the Rap Coloring Book Bun B wrote with Shea Serrano, and the inner workings of the recording industry. Check out the full episode above and subscribe to UPROXX Video on Youtube to see future episodes of People’s Party With Talib Kweli as they premiere.