Cardi B Drops ‘Be Careful,’ The First Track Off Her Hotly Anticipated First Album, ‘Invasion Of Privacy’

The newest track from Cardi B’s highly anticipated first album has dropped, starting the countdown until the release of Invasion Of Privacy in just one week. The current queen of rap will be the musical guest on SNL to coincide with the release on Friday, April 6. The track, “Be Careful” features plenty of rap, a few allusions to her real-life drama and rumored pregnancy, and even has some singing tossed in during the chorus.

As most will do, Cardi B announced the release of the single earlier in the day on Twitter, spreading it everywhere at midnight and even a few places shortly before the official release. According to early reports, the song itself seems to be influenced by her relationship with Offset from Migos. Even if it isn’t, the words are the type of lyrics that the hip-hop community will pore for gossip:

“I wanna get married, like the Curries, Steph and Ayesha sh*t,” she raps. “But we more like Belly, Tommy and Keisha shit / Gave you TLC, you wanna creep and sh*t / Poured out my whole heart to a piece of sh*t.”

It certainly wouldn’t be the first rap relationship to play out in the lyrics. If Beyonce and Jay-Z can do it, it’s fair game at this point. Listen to the track on YouTube above and add it to your daily Spotify list below. Is it a good sign for the debut or are we about to see a bunch of disappointed fans?

(Via Billboard)