Cardi B Posted A Fiery Video To Show Support For Government Workers Who Aren’t Getting Paid During The Shutdown

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Cardi B is an American treasure. Over the course of her meteoric rise, the public has enjoyed her social antics, boisterous raps, and of course her twerking. Now, it seems we can add political commentary to that list. On Wednesday afternoon, the 26-year-old rapper posted a video to Instagram in which she lamented the 25-day long government shutdown. The Bronx-native was keen to stress how serious she feels the matter is and how she took exception to the disproportionate burden the shut down has placed on government employees who are now being asked to work without pay.

Some of her pointed commentary:

“Trump is now ordering Federal workers to go back without getting paid…our country is in a hell hole over a f*cking wall. I feel like we need to take some action. I don’t know what type of action, b*tch because this is not what I do. But b*tch, I’m scared…I really feel bad for the people who gotta go to work to not get motherf*cking paid.”

Always one to speak her mind, this is actually not the first time Cardi has spoken out against President Trump. Last year, the rapper told Rolling Stone that the 45th president, “had proven himself to be a madman.” This afternoon’s video wasn’t even the first time today that the rapper had called out the president. This morning, she hopped on Instagram live and told her followers that, “Trump is like a clout chaser… like one of these new rap artists — they follow, they do the most for clout.”

In response to this political outburst, some are waiting for the announcement of Cardi’s candidacy for the 2020 election. While you wait, you can watch her new video with City Girls here.