Chris D’Elia Reacted To Eminem And Logic Sampling His Impression On ‘Homicide’

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Chris D’Elia’s impression of Eminem is hilarious, but its reach has become broader than anybody had any right to expect: Eminem actually responded to D’Elia’s impersonation earlier this year and called it “incredible.” Em was apparently super flattered by it, because “Homicide,” his new collaboration with Logic, actually samples one of D’Elia’s Eminem impression videos in the song’s outro. D’Elia reacted to his inclusion on the song, and he seems pretty blown away by the whole thing.

D’Elia said he’s known about his appearance in the song for a few days, and that he’s thrilled to be involved, writing on Twitter, “Hey. So @Eminem and @Logic301 put my impression of Em on their new song. It comes out this Friday. I’ve known for a few days but since it’s Friday in some countries, I’m tweeting it now. Things like this are just… unreal to me. Thanks, guys!” He added on Instagram, “Check out @logic and @eminem’s new song featuring… well… me. I have to say this was a career highlight.”

Perhaps what’s most entertaining about all this is reading the D’Elia outro in the song’s official lyrics (via Genius and verified by Eminem):

“Look what I’m plannin’, plannin’, I’m plannin’ to
Do all this while ya panickin’
And you’re lookin’ and starin’ at mannequins
And I’m goin’ to Fanagans
Trying to get up a plan against
All of the blana-kazana-ka-fam-bam-bannigans
While of all the bana-kazanika Hanna in a cabana
You’re in a cab-
I’m in a cabana and a Janet
I’m in a cabana chantin’ all this stand up banter
While you don’t got the stamina, you’re lackin’ the stamina
You’re lackin’ the stamina while you’re divorcin’ Harrison Ford
And I’m in a Porsche on the floor boards
While I’m world tourin’
You usin’ way too many napkins, papkins
Lapkins and chapki-
You using ChapStick and napkins while I’m bapkin’
Flappin’ around like a bapkin’
Dammit, a can of p-“

Listen to “Homicide” above, and revisit D’Elia’s original impression below.