Lil Yachty Says Drake Loved Juice Wrld’s Playful Jab At Him On ‘Yacht Club’

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Drake wasn’t at all “upset” or “in his feelings” when he heard another rapper take a playful jab at his fatherhood woes recently. In an interview with Billboard, Lil Yachty explained the Canadian rap veteran’s response to hearing his name pop up on Yachty’s recently-released sophomore studio album, Nuthin’ 2 Prove in a joking jab from guest rapper Juice Wrld on “Yacht Club.”

“But I ain’t on no Drake sh*t, I won’t get her pregnant,” Juice quips as the two young rappers trade bars. It’s a clear reference to Drake’s surprise revelation that he’d had an unplanned son with a French model late last year, but unlike the shot from Pusha T that sprung the secret on the world, Drake took this particular rhyme in stride.

“I talked to Drake about it and he said it was all good,” Yachty told Billboard. “He felt there was really no harm. I told Drake before, because I f*ck with Drake. Then it came out and he laughed at it.” Yachty’s own response to the off-the-cuff reference is right there on the track: “Damn, young Juice WRLD, boy, you reckless.”

In the same interview, Yachty also revealed that he wrapped up a pair of joint tapes as well, one with Juice, and another with Trippie Redd. Considering the long-promised collaboration with Lil Pump still hasn’t found its way to release, it looks like Lil Yachty is sitting on a sizable pile of unreleased music, and the joint album mania currently gripping hip-hop isn’t letting up anytime soon.