Drake And Migos Don Afro Wigs And Bell-Bottoms For The Satirical ‘Walk It Talk It’ Video

“Walk It Talk It” might not be soul, funk, or disco-influenced, but its hilarious video certainly is. Taking style cues straight from Don Cornelius himself, Migos and Drake don afro wigs and spangly bell bottoms for the throwback video which hysterically parodies Soul Train.

This video is for anyone who used to get up on Saturday and flip over to their local station to catch the latest dance crazes, paying homage to hip-hop’s roots while acknowledging just how silly and free those old-school days truly were. Jamie Foxx makes an appearance as a show host named Ron Delirious on “Culture Ride,” making the parody even plainer.

Migos themselves strut the stage in polyester, butterfly-collar suits to match their afro wigs — and in Quavo’s case, luxurious mustache. Drake wears a processed curl wig that makes his guest verse even more hilarious and incongruous with his look as he flexes wittily about trap phones and bandos.

Culture II was every bit as successful as Migos’ first album, achieving No. 1 behind some impressive streaming numbers — spurred on, of course, by the album’s super-sized length. The three-man band from Atlanta is currently working on a joint album with fellow Quality Control signee Lil Yachty and trap rap mentor Gucci Mane, due later this year.