Fetty Wap And Safaree Samuels Set To Make TV Debuts On ‘Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood’

To quote Charlemagne Tha God, “Mona Scott is the devil.”

Every Monday at 8 p.m. EST., Mona Scott rolls out her increasingly ridiculous cast for the Love and Hip-Hop series. Whether it’s NYC, Hollywood, or Atlanta, the show is notorious for its cast members outlandish antics and attitudes. Watching the show is akin to watching a car accident because once you get sucked into the mythos it’s hard to avert your eyes to the chaos. After recently wrapping up its fifth season in Atlanta, it’s set to begin its third season in Los Angeles.

LHH:Hollywood looks ready to pick up where it left off as there are a cast of new characters to join old favorites like Ray J, Moniece, Princess, Lil Fizz, and more. This season’s new additions are two popular names from rap lore, Fetty Wap and Safaree.

Fetty Wap will join the show with Masika, who is the mother of his child. As Masika is pregnant during some of the trailers already shown, their time on the show will presumably follow the couple as they make their way through Masika’s pregnancy. There’s a great chance this will be a doozy, as some might not remember that Fetty was not exactly receptive to the news.

Safaree will also be featured on the show as a new Hollywood resident who’s in a relationship with another cast member, Nikki Baby. It’s not necessarily clear what his angle is outside of that but, with LHH, if you got a really good angle one is all you’re going to need.

The show is set to premiere on VH1 on August 15th.