Future Releases Three Moody New Music Videos For Songs Off His ‘Save Me’ EP

Last week, Future released his brooding EP Save Me. Throughout his career, the Atlanta artist has never shied away from exploring difficult emotions in his work, but the new, seven-track project shows Future painting with a distinctly darker palette. This comes through not just in the music, but also in the artwork and visuals assembled for the project by French artist and fashion designer Henri Alexander Levy

On Tuesday, Future released three new music videos for songs off the project. The clip for “Xanax Damage,” which the rapper previewed on his Instagram last week, finds him sprawled out on the floor an apartment, a lit blunt smoking in a nearby ashtray. He’s on his back with a phone in his hand, confessing into the receiver. “I only call you when I’m faded / Your arms around me, come and save me,” he sings.

“Government Official” is a slightly more upbeat affair. This time around, we find a more energetic Future pacing through a gallery space. He spits his characteristically braggadocious bars in front of the monochromatic abstractions on Levy’s canvasses. Interspliced with this is a shot of Levy and the rapper flying down a street in a late model convertible.

“Love Thy Enemies” brings us back indoors. Future and his small cast of dejected-looking, cigarette-smoking models once again loaf around a room as the 35-year-old croons his mournful tune of drug-fueled paranoia. “I’ve been possessed, they wanna take my soul / Save my flesh, I’m in need of your love.” It’s the deep low, following a quick high.

You can watch all the videos above.

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