Diddy Is Reportedly Offering The Boy From The Controversial H&M Photo A $1 Million Modeling Contract

H&M hasn’t gotten off to the best start in 2018: The clothing brand is currently facing a ton of backlash after their website featured a controversial photo of a young black boy wearing a hoodie that reads “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The Weeknd cut ties with the company, and now, Metro reports that Diddy has a pretty big reaction of his own, since he is said to be offering the boy from the photo a substantial opportunity.

The publication says that Diddy is offering the boy a $1 million modeling contract for his own clothing brand, Sean John. Diddy has yet to address the potential offer, and Metro says his people “refused to comment,” but he did post an illustration of the boy (with his hoodie instead saying “coolest king in the world”) and write, “Put some respect on it!! When you look at us, make sure you see royalty and super natural God sent glory!! Anything else is disrespectful.”

H&M has offered a response to the controversy, saying, “This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended.” The apology may be too little too late, but at least Diddy is possibly giving the young boy the opportunity to be known for something besides a photo that’s widely seen as racist.