Iggy Azeala Puts A Twist On A Hip-Hop Classic With Tyga In Her Cheeky ‘Kream’ Video

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has long maintained that her love for classic hip-hop runs deep and now she’s out to prove it. In her latest video from her comeback EP, Surviving The Summer, Iggy calls back to one rap classic in particular. She turns Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” into her own “Kream” alongside West Coast party-rap mainstay Tyga, but rather than tales of the “crime side” or the “New York Times side,” she fills her version with slick boasts about her moneymaking prowess while shaking her moneymaker in a living room full of dollar, dollar bills and stripper poles.

Although her last video, “Savior,” found the beleaguered rapper turning to religious overtones, the subject matter of her latest could make a nun blush. The neon-washed video is full to the brim with twerking dancers, from the front lawn of the trap house to the money-stuffed kitchen. Iggy shows off her own skills as she and Tyga celebrate their life of luxury.

Surviving The Summer, which was pushed back a month by Island Records to August 3, represents Iggy’s second shot at rap stardom after her first attempt was shot down by accusations of appropriation and a promo run that found single after single being met with a resounding silence. After the backlash against her pushed her to dire straits, she refocused on making her comeback by proving her “Fancy” success wasn’t a fluke.

Get Surviving The Summer here.