Jay-Z Makes A Statement On The NFL And Colin Kaepernick With His Performance On ‘SNL’

It turns out the rumors were true for Jay-Z’s performance on SNL. While it wasn’t anything too loud or too controversial, he managed to make his stance on the current NFL protests and Colin Kaepernick pretty clear. Jay and Damian Marley performed “Bam” for the first of his two performances on the show, but all eyes were likely on his Colin Kaepernick jersery front and center.

What should be noted is that the jersey was not an official from the NFL, so it isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement of the league that had turned its back on Kaepernick until the president decided to place a target on them. It’s a custom job that’s meant to make it pretty clear who the jersey is for and what side of the debate Jay-Z is on.

Jay-Z donated $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter and other social justice groups back in 2016, alongside Tidal and Beyonce, and dedicated a song to Kaepernick during his recent New York City show earlier in September.

His appearance with the jersey is just the latest and also shows that the conversation is sure to continue. It’s also the latest protest to take the SNL musical stage, though it might be considered a little less controversial than Sinéad O’Connor famous protest against the Catholic Church.

(Via SNL)