John Mayer Has A Bonkers ‘Inception’ Theory About Kanye West’s Career

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09.22.17 5 Comments

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If you haven’t noticed, John Mayer is quite the tweeter. Whether he’s getting hot and heavy with Nicki Minaj or just dropping random nuggets of wisdom, he’s always an entertaining follow, but he may have reached a new level on Friday when he let loose a fascinating and completely bonkers theory about his old pal Kanye West.

John and Kanye of course have collaborated, and recently John took to Instagram to wish Kanye a happy birthday by comparing him to Spider-Man, so clearly this comes from a warm place in John’s heart. “Kanye’s “wake up Mr West!” sample on his records is a doctor on the night of his car crash,” John tweeted. “His career is happening inception style.”

Now, before you get so hasty, think about it for a second. The “Wake up Mr. West” refrain first appears on the intro to Kanye’s spectacular 2005 album Late Registration, and is spoken by comedian Deray Davis, who is playing a teacher in the skit. The sentence purposefully bleeds into the album’s opening track “Heard ‘Em Say,” and when Kanye released the video the phrase appeared in full before the video starts. Now, it may just be a teacher waking Kanye up, but things like this are left up for interpretation so if this is how John hears it, and it gives the music extra meaning for him, so be it. Who knows, maybe Kanye will come out like Kendrick Lamar did with the idea that DAMN. should be played backwards and confirm the theory.

If he does we’ll have John Mayer to thank for that.

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