Kevin Abstract Of Brockhampton Previewed A New Project Called ‘Arizona Baby’

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It’s been some time since we’ve heard from any of the members of Brockhampton. Just two summers ago, the DIY rap collective-turned-chart-topping self-proclaimed “greatest boyband in America” churned out three breakthrough albums in a matter of months. Since the release of their number one album Iridescence this past September, many members of the group have traded in their formerly boisterous digital presences for relatively quieter ones. Since bidding adieu to the platform in November, prior to Wednesday, the group’s leader Kevin Abstract had sent a mere two tweets. That is until, two weeks ago.

On March 19, Abstract tweeted a photo. His moisture-covered face and toothy grin take up most of the frame, the picture is treated in the group’s now-signature saturated heavy style, and in the corner is a parental advisory warner. It appears to be an album cover. A week later, Abstract again tweeted. This time it was a fifteen second video of Abstract and Brockhampton producer Romil Hemnani with exhortations interspersed throughout: ‘”Teach me Empathy.”; “Teach me how to feel.”; “Teach me how to trust.”; “Teach me how to change.” “ARIZONA baby” the final frame read.

Wednesday night’s offering all but confirmed that some sort of project is on the way. The video, this time 47 seconds long, features Abstract climbing a construction ladder and rapping along to a new song. Though the clip is brief, it contains all the trappings of the Brockhampton sound that took the group to stardom last year – the one-take DIY aesthetic, the emotional lyrical storytelling, and the fickle-minded production with its characteristic sudden beat switch.

You can check the video out above.

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