Open Mike Eagle Asks Lizzo For ‘Extra Consent’ Before A Romantic Rendezvous In His Latest Satirical Video

Maneuvering through modern life is getting trickier than ever, but fortunately The New Negroes are here to help you navigate thorny subjects like microaggressions, code-switching, woke culture, and now, consent. It seemed like all 2018, we heard stories about men not respecting women’s boundaries and women clapping back with movements like Me Too and Time’s Up, which had even upstanding gentlemen shook about what to do in those hazy situations between men, women, and sex. Fortunately, Open Mike Eagle and Lizzo have the solution: Get some “Extra Consent.”

The newest video from Mike and Baron Vaughn’s Comedy Central sketch show finds Mike negotiating for some sexy time with an enthusiastic Lizzo but making it awkward with rules, stipulations, and safety presentations that highlight how tricky the concept of consent seems to be for some guys. Lizzo’s giving him all the signs, but Mike needs notarized signatures and verbal confirmations before he’s willing to proceed. Lizzo’s hilarious closing verse makes it plain for the kids in class who have trouble keeping up; “yes” means “yes,” “no” means “no,” and all the dancing around isn’t required — unless you’re into that sort of thing.

The New Negroes‘ weekly music videos have rapidly become a fan favorite, from the code-switching anthem “Unfiltered” with Danny Brown to the socially-conscious war of words with Phonte Coleman, “Woke As Me.” With Open Mike and his guests tackling all the sticky social situations born of Twitter sociologists’ blog battles, it seems there’s still some entertainment value — and education! — to be wrought from social media after all.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .