Quavo Blows His Old High School Basketball Team Away With New Custom LeBron 15s


For those who don’t know, Quavo from Migos is quite the athlete. It’s not just that he starred on his Berkmar High School football team — the same school he attended with Offset — but he’s shown off his athletic prowess in adulthood as well. Whether it’s knocking out trick shots with a football, hooping it up with potential future NBA player Shareef O’Neal — son of Shaq — or with Chance The Rapper and current NBA’er Myles Turner, it appears Quavo still has it.

But Honcho isn’t just killing it on the pickup court, he’s going back to Berkmar to look out for those who are representing the school after him, and when he returned recently he came with gifts. In conjunction with Finish Line, Quavo went back to the Georgia high school and gifted the school’s entire basketball team with a custom pair of LeBron James’ newest signature sneaker with Nike. “1 OF 1 Huncho Berkmar Brons Love Tha Nawf!!!” said Quavo on Instagram, underneath a video of his return to the school.

The basketball players screamed with glee, not only at the sight of what is surely one of their favorite rappers, but at the gift he presented as well. “Huncho means leader of the team,” he told the players, offering them sage-like advice. “So whoever is the leaders of the team y’all make sure you keep them strong.”

LeBron noticed the whole event and took to Twitter to shout Quavo out for the good deed.

“(Shoutout) the homie @QuavoStuntin!” LeBron said in a tweet. “Super dope what he did for his high school. And those kicks are ?????? by the way. #DatWay #StriveForGreatness.” LeBron’s connections with the music world are only growing stronger with his integral Instagram listening sessions, and now it’s going the other way as well, and with an incredible gesture from Quavo.

Check out a few more looks at the special edition Berkmar LeBron 15s below.