Questlove ‘Just Can’t’ With Kanye West Anymore After His Show Of Support For Trump

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Kanye West’s dramatic return to Twitter and the barrage of tweets that followed have been overwhelming, demoralizing, and revealing for almost everybody who has been forced to endure them. It seems that one of the people hit the hardest by Kanye’s pivot to the alt-right was The Roots drummer and icon Questlove. Earlier today on the AM to DM show by Buzzfeed news, the drummer sat down to have a friendly talk about the world where he revealed with a heavy sigh that Kanye’s most recent tweets which show his support of Trump had him noticeably gutted.

In Questlove’s own words:

“(He is) embracing a president that embraces white supremacy, and I dunno, I… (ugh) I can’t. Which is words that, you know… Words like ‘I just can’t’ are cliche words you see people use all the time. But, not like this. Not like this. I can’t. Twitter is losing their mind. For the first time yesterday I felt like I was done and I went to sleep before midnight. Yeah, I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

You can tell from his posture, the way he stammers, the drop in his voice: Questlove isn’t handling this too well. But who is? The free press Kanye is getting as a result of his antics is one thing if people stick around to buy whatever he’s selling, but with reportedly over ten million followers dropping off in a day, it’s starting to look like this time: they’re not.