Tyler The Creator’s ‘Okra’ Video Is Too Good To Be A Throwaway, But That’s What He Says It Is

A favorite boast of a number of rappers is claiming that their throwaways are better than other rappers’ whole albums, but in the case of Tyler The Creator, it just might be true. The Los Angeles-based, Flower Boy rapper just shared a single that he says he made just for fun “on some rap sh*t” called “Okra,” and it’s so good, it will be a genuine shame if it never ends up on some sort of collection.

“Back in jan i made a song on some rap shit before tour just talking,” Tyler explained, “And like 4 5 days ago i was like yo man i should shoot something to this and just put it out for fun and move on with my life or it’ll sit on my hard drive like alot of other things.” After setting up the story, he dropped the link to the Wolf Haley (Tyler’s video director alter ego)-directed music video for “Okra,” which features a split screen shot of Tyler performing the lyrics.

One half of the screen features an extreme close up of the lower half of Tyler’s face as he emphatically spits the searing bars from the song, while the other is a wide-angle shot of Tyler nonchalantly mouthing along as he sits in a field next to a tire swing. He promised in a later tweet to “promote the song for the next 5 days, then continue to live a normal life.”

Tyler may be a pretty — ahem — odd guy, but when he can make quality rap bangers like “Okra” on a whim and simply throw them away, he can get away with some goofy jokes and light trolling, because the music will always outweigh the antics. Take note, other rappers.