The Internet Has Dug Up Will Smith And Jazzy Jeff’s Previously Unreleased ‘Nightmare On My Street’ Video

Way back in March of this year, DJ Jazzy Jeff reminisced about the video for his and Will Smith‘s “Nightmare On My Street” video which was shelved 30 years ago due to a dispute with New Line Cinema, the owners of the Nightmare On Elm Street horror film franchise that inspired the clip. He noted that it had been filmed, but couldn’t be released and hinted that it could resurface at some point, given the right circumstances.

Well, the right circumstances have arrived, as has the lost video for “Nightmare On My Street,” which popped up on Youtube on the spookiest day of the year. In an especially ironic touch, the account responsible for the grainy, VHS-ripped video is called “Nancy Thompson,” the name of the hero from the original Nightmare On Elm Street film. The video fittingly features a hip-hopped-out Freddy Krueger stand-in terrorizing Will throughout a series of spooky sets. There’s even a disclaimer at the end of the video disavowing any relationship to the films, but that wasn’t enough to keep it from getting yanked.

However, the internet remains undefeated when it comes to unearthing and preserving old-school and underground hip-hop ephemera, so thanks to “Nancy Thompson” for keeping this piece of classic history alive — just like the immortal villains of our favorite horror movies.