Footage Of Hip-Hop Personality YesJulz Saying ‘N—-‘ Surfaces After A Deleted Tweet

Yes Julz, aka Julieanna Goddard, is an influencer and social media personality/event host/”director of vibes” who has been tangentially related to hip-hop culture for several years now. However, Julz is not black, and has been accused of being a culture vulture, who takes from the culture of hip-hop for her own benefit without treating the creators of the culture with respect and recognizing her own level of privilege. Most notably, she was criticized on Twitter last night for tweeting and deleting a shirt with the caption “N—-s lie a lot.”

After deleting the tweet, and outcry against Julz began to erupt online, though she tried to backtrack and explain that she was misunderstood in her intention of posting the shirt:

First, she was dropped from two events in Toronto, the uTOpia Music Fest and WIPP (Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose) Toronto:

And now, a video of Julz saying “n—-s” has surfaced, which is embedded up above. One of our writers, Aaron Williams, already tackled the issue of exactly why Julz’ behavior is so hurtful, and pointed out how it is similar to the way Miley Cyrus just chose to distance herself from hip-hop when she didn’t need the “street cred” anymore. Check out his careful analysis here.