Excuse me, where is my Star Wars romantic comedy starring Mindy Kaling?

Over the weekend, the cast and crew of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” sat down for a press conference in which they performed the delicate dance of answering questions without actually giving anything away. For the most part they succeeded. Except for information about who stars in Episode VIII, whether or not there is a post-credit scene and if THIS character will make an appearance.

One of the biggest surprises, though? Moderator Mindy Kaling. At the beginning to the press event, Kaling quipped “I know when you think of me, you think ‘HUGE Star Wars fan.”” But her glib demeanor was quickly replaced with genuine love of the franchise.

I [am] a Star Wars fan. It defines genres. I think parts of it are better than any romantic comedy you could watch, it”s an action movie, it”s a buddy movie, there”s interspecies friendships. In fact, it”s everything except those boxing movies that come out every holiday season. It really has everything.

So how long do fans have to wait for Mindy Kaling to headline a Star Wars romantic comedy between two unlikely interspecies buddies on an action adventure? The elevator pitch sells itself!

Be sure to check out the press conference in full! Part one is above and part two below.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” goes into hyperdrive on December 18.