13 movie sequels that bombed at the box office

In the sequel-reboot-remake-revival machine that is Hollywood, follow-ups to proven properties are made because they feel like safe bets. But sometimes that plan to connect with an established audience falls utterly flat.

This has been the case a lot in 2016 – audiences are turning particularly anti-sequel, or perhaps just having less tolerance for sequels that aren”t much good. Zoolander 2, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Huntsman: Winter”s War, and Divergent Series: Allegiant have all flopped.

Pixar”s latest sequel won”t have to worry about that. Opening in theaters today, Finding Dory is set to become the second major sequel success story of the year (after fellow Disney film Captain America: Civil War). Box office experts are predicting it will break the opening weekend record for an animated film and that it will surpass Zootopia“s total to become the fifth animated movie to make more than $1 billion worldwide.

But back to box office bomb sequels – looking beyond 2016, the follow-ups to Grease, Speed, and the movie at the top of HitFix”s Ultimate Horror Poll have all been duds at the box office.

Read on for a list of 13 sequels that bombed when Hollywood was hoping for a repeat hit:

Note: Stats below are for domestic totals. Source: Box Office Mojo