20 fascinating things we learned about Madonna from her second Tweet chat

Last week, Madonna took to Twitter for the first time to answer fans” questions. She must have liked it because Wednesday night she was back as a way to thank fans for propelling “MDNA”  to the top of the Billboard charts. The Twit-chat started a little late because she was at rehearsals for her tour, which starts May 29 in Tel Aviv. Turns out she”s just like the rest of us when it comes to resisting the temptations of Easter candy, but unlike the rest of us, she has lots and lots of celebrity friends who turned in for this session. And, though she”s probably teasing, she swears she loves hanging on Twitter with her fans. “I want to live in Twitterverse with you. Let”s be Girls Gone Wild” together.”

We posted 15 things we learned about Madonna from her last rounds of tweets.
Now we present round two.

*Since Easter is Sunday, we”ll start with her favorite Easter candy: It”s Cadbury Creme Eggs. “Don”t get me started, they are so good,” she tweeted.

1. She is “gagging” to host “Saturday Night Live.” As you recall, she”s been the musical guess before and appeared in skits, including a very memorable episode of “Coffee Talk” with Barbra Streisand, but she got very exciting at the prospect: “FOR SURE,” she replied. “I”m gagging to do it. I”m obsessed with Kristen Wiig and @AndySamberg. I wasnt to do a skit with Kristen and [Madonna”s daughter] Lola.” She better hurry. Rumors are rife that this may be Wiig and Samberg”s last seasons.

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2. She swore she did not know that “MDNA” album was debuting at No. 1. (How can that be?): “I swear I didn”t know. I walked into rehearsal with 100 balloons and was confused. The thrill of being #1 never goes away”… She later sweetly added that having a No. 1 feels like “all my Christmases have come at once.”

3. In perhaps a nod to the fashion choices for the tour and “Gang Bang,” when asked the last movie she saw, she replied, “‘Bonnie & Clyde.” Checking out the revolvers and Faye Dunaway”s badass wardrobe.” Hmmmm.

4. Like Dustin Hoffman”s character in “Rainman,” she”s an excellent driver. “I”ve never gotten a ticket. Except for having tinted windows too dark.”

5. She”s coming hard after Skrillex. After declaring herself a fan during her last Tweet-chat, she reached out to him directly tonight: @Skrillex: I worship you. Why won”t you open up for one of my shows?” The wording “won”t” as opposed to “don”t” makes us think that she may have asked and been rebuffed. Anyone know?

6. Avicii did not get the same love, although he is working with Madonna, it would appear: She tweeted “I had so much fun with you at Ultra. Looking forward to having our remix out soon.”

7. Madonna”s a humanitarian. She replied, in  true beauty queen fashion, that she”d like “world peace” for her birthday, but seriously followed up on the theme when asked “if time travel was possible, where would you go?”  “So many places….when Martin Luther King Jr did his peace march in Washington. Wish I could have been there.” 

8. As usual, some of the questions were a little odd: “If you could be a man for a day, what would you do any why?” Her PG answer was “I”d stand up and pee.” Hey, it could have been worse.

9. The first record she ever bought was David Bowie”s “Aladdin Sane.”

10. All of her celebrity friends wanted to chime in and she even graciously reached out to one first:  She opened the chat, after apologizing for being late with a Tweet to  Lionel Richie, whose “Tuskegee” entered the chart at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, right below “MDNA”: Congrats on a successful record. To the other ritchie in my life….”  Richie quickly replied, “Can you believe we are sitting at the top of the charts together again?,” which they have not done together since the mid-80s. Madonna responded: “Every dog has its day. Remember when we were neighbors?” The love fest continued. Richie tweeted, “There is no one I would rather be on top with. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!” To which she replied, “Ok, but as long as I”m on top.”  (That is an image we need to scrub from our minds). He then replied, “I wouldn”t have it any other way” and then she said, “Smart man.” Get a room, you two!  (They went a few more rounds, but you can check it out yourself here if you”re interested).

11. Britney Spears tweeted words of love for the new album, with Madonna responding “Please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you.”  (Christina Aguilera”s going to be jealous!). Brit then replied, “Tempting,” to which Madge said, “Are you gonna make me work for this?”

12. Katy Perry provided one of the best questions of the night: “Which evolution of you in your career has been your favorite/most fulfilling?” To which Madge responded and included an invite: “‘Ray of Light.” That was a good moment. I wanna see you in the from row somewhere this year. Okay?

13. Anderson Cooper also tweeting to congratulate her on the biggest debut of the year so far. She naughtily replied, “Do u miss me? Do you want me to come back and visit you in a leather dress? What suit are you wearing?”

14. Kelly Ripa  tweeted that she had “danced down the mountain” to “MDNA” while skiing in Banff. To which Madonna replied, “Awww- I want to go skiing with Kelly Ripa! How dare she do it without me.”

15. She has reached out to Quentin Tarantino, whom she revealed she would like to direct the video for “Gang Bang,” but he is keeping her waiting! “He”s shooting a movie ’til June. That”s no excuse. I”m still waiting for his call. Every little thing, every little thing…” Just to rub in the point, when asked what she would do if she could be invisible for a day, she replied, “I would follow Quentin Tarantino around for a day and see if he is really too busy to direct Gang Bang.”  No one, we repeat, no one keeps Madge waiting.

16. She doesn”t speak Spanish (her only foreign language would appear to be British… ). She responded to a question about singing “Masterpiece” in Spanish with “How do you say ‘Masterpiece” in Spanish?”

17. She misses her office at Maverick Records, the record label she used to co-own.

18. Her four children will be on tour with her: “I won”t go on tour without them,” she said.

19. Her favorite Superbowl moment was “Singing ‘Like A Prayer” and seeing the stadium lit up.” You were expecting, perhaps, M.I.A. shooting the bird?

20. But it”s not just Skrillex or Britney or Katy Perry she wants at one of her shows. Her final tweet before bidding adieu was to POTUS. @Obama2012: Are you coming to my show in Washington, D.C.? Make a girl from Detroit happy.”

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