20 notoriously troubled film productions

Hollywood received a major shock last week when it was reported that acclaimed “We Need to Talk About Kevin” director Lynne Ramsay had failed to show up for the first day of shooting on “Jane Got a Gun,” a star-studded western about a young wife (Natalie Portman) who enlists an ex-lover to help protect her farm from a brutal gang. Having already lost Michael Fassbender to alleged “scheduling conflicts” with “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” the producers nevertheless quickly found a replacement director in “Warrior” helmer Gavin O’Connor – only to then see Jude Law make a less-than-graceful exit from the project. Doh.

Of course, “Jane” is far from the first major film to suffer from a contentious production period; indeed, several of Hollywood’s most classic movies boast some truly ugly back-stories. Which is why, inspired by this most recent controversy, we here at HitFix decided to highlight a few of the most notorious examples from years past.

Check out all our picks in the gallery below.