2014 Emmy Nomination Contenders – Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Reminder: For our annual Emmy contenders coverage, Sepinwall does his personal preferences, while I handicap mostly in terms of likelihood of landing nominations. As usual, the first six slides in each gallery are my nomination predictions. The next eight or nine slides are the actors and shows most likely to sneak in, based on precedent, quality or something nebulous. And then at the end of each gallery, I tend to throw in a couple oddballs who have no chance at all of being nominated, but who I think deserve to be a part of the conversation, or might accidentally become part of the conversation, just because.

Our next category:


“Orange Is The New Black” is the grand mystery here, as with most of the comedy categories. It has never been eligible before and it's already ambiguous as a comedy, so voter response could be cold, tepid or rapturously positive. As it stands now, I have zero “Orange” co-stars making the nomination cut, but I could be massively and embarrassingly wrong if Emmy voters like “Orange” as much as I like “Orange.” So I guess I hope I'm wrong.

Last Year's Nominees:
Merritt Wever
Mayim Bialik
Julie Bowen
Jane Krakowski
Jane Lynch
Sofia Vergara
Anna Chlumsky

Attrition: With “30 Rock” gone, Jane Krakowski is gone (though she probably submitted as Guest Actress for her “Modern Family” visit). That still leaves six returning nominees from the extra-large field, including last year's surprise winner, Merritt Wever. This is regularly one of the most difficult categories to predict in all of Emmydom. Last year I predicted Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Jane Krakowski and Mayim Bialik, which were easy, but I had Wever and Jane Lynch in the middle of the pack and Chlumsky was down amongst the Other Notable Candidates. And of the six returnees, I feel pretty confident that three or four will be back, but there could be room for several to drop out if voters are impressed with some very fine new comedies.

Here are Sepinwall's personal picks.

My predictions are below.

Your thoughts? Predictions? Analysis?