2014 Grammys Predictions: Song of the Year

As we get closer to the Sunday”s Grammy Awards, we”re making our predictions in the Big Four categories: Record, album, song of the year and best new artist.

Monday,  we tackled Record of the Year.  Tuesday, we looked at Album of the Year. Today, we look at song of the year, an award that goes to the songwriter. This year, all of the performers of the nominated songs are also among the co-writers (Fun Fact: Ella Yelich O”Connor is Lorde”s real name and Macklemore”s real name is Ben Haggerty).

Song of the Year nominees:

“Just Give Me A Reason,” Jeff Bhasker, Pink & Nate Ruess  (Pink)

“Locked Out Of Heaven,” Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine & Bruno Mars (Bruno Mars)

“Roar,” Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee, Katy Perry & Henry Walter (Katy Perry)

“Royals,” Joel Little and Ella Yelich O”Connor (Lorde)

“Same Love,” Ben Haggerty, Mary Lambert and Ryan Lewis  (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

The Grammys often like to award songs that have a certain amount of heft or message to them in this category,  though certainly not always. “Just Give Me A Reason” is a touching ballad with a traditional verse and chorus, so that may appeal to some of the voters who appreciate that song craft  (should it win, fun.”s Nate Ruess will capture the award two years” running after “We Are Young”s” victory last year. “Roar” is all about empowering yourself but it feels a little lightweight here, same with the incredibly catchy “Locked Out Of Heaven.” “Royals” is a better record than song. “Same Love,” other than Mary Lambert”s part, is basically spoken word, but its willingness to step out in support of gay marriage certainly makes it the most message oriented of the nominees.  In a year with no clear frontrunner, my hunch is this is a race between “Just Give Me A Reason” and “Same Love,” and I”m going with “Just Give Me A Reason.”

Should Win: “Just Give Me a Reason”
Will Win: Just Give Me a Reason”