‘Check Your Panties’ And Rejoice! 2016’s Finest Live TV News Bloopers Are Here

One of the more magical things The Internet™ has shown us (aside from pornography and new means of gluttony) is that we all have a shared weakness for news bloopz. What’s not love about a respected local news person accidentally saying something pervy on air or unintentional slapstick before a chilling story about a double homicide? Probably the murder bit, but there’s something pure to how silly these bloopers can be. Plus, there’s like sex stuff too.

The dedicated blooper curators at News Be Funny have compiled a collection of the year’s “ultimate” live TV news goofs. Like other compilations of its ilk, this 15-minute orgy of “oh no!” is stuffed with a rapid-fire rollout of these mistakes, giggles and animal awkwardness that zips by with more hits than misses. That’s what happens when you broadcast penis-y clouds and ask folks what they’ll do with their Powerball winnings. Reminder: The answer is hookers and coke. The answer is always hookers and coke.

2016 has been a long year for everybody, so this ridiculous casserole of silly moments couldn’t arrive soon enough. If Lester Holt wants to pull a page from one of the standout moments of this video and spoil a martial arts demonstration in a remarkably charming way, we’ll ask that this video be updated immediately.

(Via NewsBeFunny)