McDonald’s Will Soon Spare Us The Agony Of Leaving The House For McNuggets And Fries

12.17.16 2 years ago

Getty Image / Justin Sullivan

For the bulk of the nation, it’s not all that difficult to find a McDonald’s. In fact, a large chunk of us have probably blacked out and woken up at a booth with barbecue sauce caked on our faces while a spokesclown looks on. Just this guy? Pfffttt… Whatever. The point is, we’re now approaching that magical age in human civilization where getting McDonald’s no longer requires leaving your home.

The Chicago Tribune reports that McDonald’s is testing out its plans for a delivery service with a trial run in Florida. The fast food giant will be partnering with UberEATS in yet another bit of risk-taking for the company. Well, provided you consider betting on hungover folks ordering hash browns by the kilo a “risk.”

200 restaurants in Orlando, Tampa and Miami will participate in this experiment which is set to begin sometime in January 2017. As customers would do with other UberEATS purchases, they would order through the app and have UbeEATS bring it to the desired location. As the Tribune notes, this type of arrangement is isn’t exactly unprecedented. DoorDash and Postmates also have provided a service delivering Golden Arches fare to your front door, but UberEATS’s $5 delivery fee will be the big hook for this alignment. If it’s a hit in the Sunshine State, it stands to reason McDonald’s would look at its nationwide possibilities.

Would you pony up some extra dough to get McDonald’s driven to your home or is this a bit of a reach for the fast food chain? Weigh in with your verdict in the comments, as well as your jokes about how the naughty “new” Hamburglar is likely a Uber driver these days.

(Via Chicago Tribune)

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