It’s raining ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ lore! From new TV spots to dozens of weapons


If you are a fan of Star Wars, this week has been an embarrassment of riches. So much information has been released about “The Force Awakens” – that somehow manages to pull off the hat trick of not telling us any information – it”s been difficult to keep up. Even the most hardy of Star Wars lore nerds have found themselves (okay, myself) letting details slip through the cracks. But here”s some of the highlights from the last 48 hours!

We”ve had two more TV spots drop. The first (above) gives us the clearest look yet at the temple which comes under attack from the First Order. You can also see the trees off to the right which match up with the fiery explosion from the last round of new footage. Things don”t look good for the survival of that Resistance HQ. The commercial also showcases some more of Kylo Ren”s lightsaber fighting skills.

The second TV spot (below) focuses on Finn”s journey in “The Force Awakens” and is full of new footage of the mysterious First Order trooper turned Resistance fighter. Highlights include Finn”s fight with a First Order trooper armed with anti-lightsaber weaponry (during which Finn acquits himself well, leading to questions of how he learned to fight like that) and Finn teaming up with Han Solo inside what might be Starkiller base.

On top of that, Wired gained access to 50 images of props used in “The Force Awakens” – including helmets and weapons. You can see a dozen of the weapons below. There is a fascinating variety in weaponry, indicating creative use of found materials. Many of the blasters have a lived-in look that matches the aesthetic of Maz Kanata”s (Lupita Nyong”o) den of iniquity. Several guns are even labeled as belonging to characters that have yet to be mentioned or seen. Who is Dasha Promenti and where is her(?) action figure?

And if you”re into spoiler? Kylo Ren”s lightsaber crossguard has been explained.

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