6 terrible messages sent by Nicki Minaj’s insane ‘Lookin Ass N****’ video

02.12.14 5 years ago 4 Comments

Nicki Minaj is back and angry in her brand-new video for “Lookin Ass N****”, in which the emoji-rap queen calls out all the “bitch-ass n*****” who can’t handle their weed, have Boost Mobile accounts and rob people. And while I can certainly get behind at least one of those things, I feel the number of bad messages Nicki sends in the clip far outweigh the good. Here are the six that rubbed me the most wrong.

Message #1: It is ok to wear 20 pounds of bling around your neck

On the contrary, Nicki. A little bit of bling is fine, but this much bling can lead to major back and neck problems later on.

Message #2: It is ok to wear six-inch spike heels in the desert

Ladies: here is what happens to your feet when you wear high heels. So, you know, bad idea from the get-go. But wearing heels in the outdoors, Nicki? Over uneven ground, Nicki? That is a recipe for a very bad spill.

Message #3: It is ok to be in the desert without water, survival gear or even a coat

There she is, strutting around in the middle of nowhere, with a chair, jewelry, two machine guns and not a single bottle of Evian. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Message #4: It is ok to wear cutout dresses

Ok fine, a cutout here or there is acceptable. But a whole dress of cutouts? A whole dress, Nicki? 

Message #5: It is ok to call people names

Remember the Golden Rule? “Treat people how you want to be treated,” or whatever that rule was? Well, Nicki is not following it. I would repeat some of her insults, but they all involve the N-word and I’m white so I’m not even going there.

Message #6: It is ok to shoot at people

In this life, sometimes folks will do things to make you mad. Call you mean names, stare at your hot body lasciviously when you just want to be left alone or even make fun of you for being a sub-par drug dealer The solution to these problems, of course, should never, ever involve shooting at people with machine guns, and anyone who tells you otherwise (ahem, ahem) is not to be trusted.

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