7 Heroes Marvel needs to include in the Phase 3 lineup

(CBR) Fans are only two movies deep into Marvel Studios‘ Phase Two, a cycle of films that will culminate in 2015 with the release of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” but eager Marvelites have been looking forward to Marvel Phase Three for months, even before the announcement of Paul Rudd’s casting as Ant-Man.

It’s a good bet that the third installments of “Avengers,” “Thor” and “Captain America” will be part of phase three, and perhaps, if all goes well, a sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Beyond those staples, the House of Ideas will be looking to new characters and properties to expand their cinematic universe, ideas that will add to the world that began with Robert Downey Jr. first donned the “Iron Man armor in 2008. Some have been rumored for months, others have seen rumors about their movie possibilites dismissed outright, but the following seven characters and storylines are the ones we’d love to see introduced or make their return to the big screen in 2016 and beyond!