A soft reboot of the Motion/Captured blog is afoot, but what does that mean?

What do you want from me?

Typically, if a movie character says that, it's petulant, exasperated, the end of the line, emotionally-speaking. Michael Fassbender bellows a variation of that line in one of the big emotional beats of X-Men: Apocalypse, and it's a cry of existential horror.

It's not remotely that urgent for me, but it is a question that's on my mind right now because we're at one of those crossroads moments for HitFix. You may not be aware of it, but we were recently sold to Woven Media, the parent company of the Uproxx Media family. We moved into our new offices this week, and we're going to be doing even more video in the near future. We've suddenly got access to all-new resources, and it'll take us a little bit of time to figure out exactly what that means. Last week, we shot our first piece on the new set, and it was interesting to see just how big the studio actually is and how different it's going to be as an environment.

I plan on taking this opportunity to sort of figure out what I'd like this blog to look like on a daily, weekly, and even yearly basis. I'm not going anywhere any time soon, and I'd like to think that there's lots of room for this blog to improve.

For one thing, I could start keeping some promises. To that end, I'm working on some things that I promised you guys that I never delivered, because until I do that, I don't think there's any reason for you to take any of my new ideas seriously.

There are series I began at various points here on HitFix that were abandoned for one reason or another. The ongoing series will be assessed individually, and I'll give you a chance to speak directly to me about all of them in another article in the next few days. But there are limited things that I will finish first, like that Second Look: The Force Awakens series and the Travis McGee Book Club and the James Bond Declassified series. I'd like to have each of those things completed, with landing pages where you can find all of them in perpetuity. I like those things, and I had every intention of finishing them, and I just… didn't. I let things get on top of me. I let my daily demands stop me, and as I've gotten older, I've gotten slower. I think through things and I draft them a few times if I can, particularly for a longer piece. For example, the piece I posted on Wednesday about nerd culture took me four days to write, while I was doing other things at the same time. And I think in the end, it is very close to the ideal version of the piece I was hoping to write. That is not always the case. Sometimes, I simply don't have time to do something as well as I'd like to. Do you guys want more short bloggy content where I weigh in on things, or more long-form content that takes more time to produce?

One of the reasons I've always failed at daily columns is because I spread myself too thin and I let the daily columns suffer as a result. But there's no reason I can't write a daily column. Or two. Or even three. As long as I am smart about my time, it seems like there's nothing preventing me from being able to stay on a schedule. Part of the key to that is writing far enough ahead that you can survive it if you miss a day or two. With travel so much of a part of my life, it's important that I plan for days where I'm totally out of pocket, and I'd better have something ready to go in that situation.

You guys have been exceptional to me since I took the somewhat terrifying plunge of leaving Ain't It Cool to help found HitFix. Now that Woven Media has decided that we built something that was worth money to them, it's time set about giving them their money's worth. I am blessed with a great Editor In Chief right now, Richard Rushfield, and I think he has helped me write some of my best work at HitFix since he came aboard. When you have that relationship in place, why not take advantage of it to be adventurous and try something new?

I want to bring back The Corner Show. I want to work more on Saturday Night At The Movies and unveil a big project centered around that series. I want to put together a catalog of reviews of films both new and old that is incredibly dense and full of opinions on art both high and low. I think I'm heading in a very different direction than the film-festivals-set-visits-and-press-junkets identity I'd been carving out up till now. With Film Nerd 2.0 preparing for its own stand-alone metamorphosis, I wanted to make sure that I fill that space with something equally interesting.

But like I said… we'll have time to discuss new ideas later. I have some things I want to wrap up for you first, and I want to get the things I already like, like One Thing I Love Today, running smoothly. And then we can start to build a future, which I hope will be even more rewarding for you guys as readers.

Right now, I've got a review of The Nice Guys to write. I'll have that for you ASAP, as well as a look back at my visit to the set in Griffith Park last year, and plenty more this week.

For now, have you read my Money Monster review? Or my Alice Through The Looking Glass review? Or my piece about the toxic anger at the heart of online nerd culture right now?

There's more where that came from. And soon.