ABC, NBC, CBS break into programming to cover NFL Commissioner’s press conference as a ‘Special Report’

ABC, NBC, CBS break into programming to cover NFL Commissioner”s press conference as a “Special Report”
The NFL's domestic violence controversy has become so significant that the three major networks broke into their regular programming to air Roger Goodell”s 3 pm ET press conference live. UPDATE: Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk interrupted the press conference and yelled, “Don't put me in the elevator.”

Why Shonda Rhimes isn”t an “angry black woman”
“To understand Rhimes” work as a reclamation and redefinition of the phrase 'angry black woman' is to take an extremely narrow, arguably undermining view of what she has accomplished,” says Willa Paskin. “It would be far more accurate to say that, in her work, Rhimes has embraced and subverted the stereotype of the career-first woman and the mistress than that of the 'angry black woman,' but even these reclamation projects are selling Rhimes” achievements short. Rhimes has not just re-framed the stereotype of the “angry black woman,” she has blown open what black female characters are allowed to do on television, including, most importantly, fronting a TV show.”

Shonda Rhimes” TV stars stick up for her on Twitter
Ellen Pompeo tweeted the NY Times: “you set the world back with a review of a television show based around the RACE of the lead. Is the show good tv or not?” Joshua Malina tweeted, “Wow. Did I just read a @nytimes piece that reduced my brilliant, creative, compassionate, thoughtful, badass boss to an 'angry black woman?”” And Kerry Washington also tweeted the NY Times.

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“Honey Boo Boo”s” parents Mama June and Sugar Bear call it quits
“Sugar Bear and I have decided to take some time apart to figure out some things in our relationship,” Mama June said in a statement. “We are taking things day by day, but regardless of what happens, the girls will always be our number one priority. We want to thank y'all for your support.”

HBO to adapt Jim Sheridan”s “In America” as a TV series
The 2002 Jim Sheridan film about struggling Irish immigrants in New York City is coming to television, with the six-time Oscar nominee making his debut on the small screen.

Bill Hader recounts Lorne Michaels asking him to host “SNL”
The “SNL” alum was driving and had to quickly stop.

27 actors who started out on “ER”: From Zac Efron to Christina Hendricks to Nick Offerman
Eva Mendes, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Radnor, Aaron Paul, Lucy Liu and Josh Hutcherson are also “ER” vets.

“Justified”s” final season will feature Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt
Elliott will play a legendary Kentucky gangster, while Timothy Olyphant will reunite with “Deadwood” alum Dillahunt as “”a spec ops veteran who's spent much of the last decade deployed in combat zones.”

Hank Azaria sings “Let It Go” as Chief Wiggum from “The Simpsons”
On Conan, Azaria relived his “Simpsons” performance from the Hollywood Bowl.