Alison Brie on ‘Community’ at Yahoo: ‘We’ve never felt more supported as a show’

PARK CITY, UTAH — Alison Brie feels supported.

Not only did the actress refer to shooting her latest “Sleeping With Other People” as “the greatest experience I've ever known in film,” but she is also feeling the love for her TV show “Community,” which has moved from being network television on NBC to being run via Yahoo.

“NBC kept us on the air for a long time and I'm very grateful, but being with Yahoo, we've never felt more supported as a show,” Brie told HitFix from the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival, where “Sleeping” premiered last night (Jan. 24). “Theyre excited to market the show, they're excited about the show, which I think is something we haven't felt in a long time.”

As for this comedy movie — in which she starred opposite of Jason Sudeikis — Brie experienced a couple of firsts: it was her first time filming with a female director, “Bachelorette” helmer Leslye Headland, and her first sex scenes.

“I know that [Headland] does the unexpected,” Brie explained, saying the pitch for “Sleeping With Other People” was a “'When Harry Met Sally' for assholes.” Working with a female director “made such a difference, it's hard to describe why…” though she said she felt “nurtured” and “protected” during her most intimate scenes.

Watch our interview with Brie, with her comments on “Community” above and our full chat below. “Sleeping With Other People” plays throughout the week at Sundance.