All access with DC Comics at WonderCon 2014

(CBR) At WonderCon 2014, DC Entertainment kicked off their All Access panel with moderator John Cunningham, DC VP of Marketing, introducing the rest of the panel guests: artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, DC Digital editor Jim Chadwick, Vertigo editor Shelly Bond and DC editor Mike Cotton.

The group then began speaking about the upcoming end of “Superman Unchained” and Lois Lane”s prominent role in the book.

“She”s a critical player in all this, as it Jimmy [Olsen],” Lee told the audience. “Issue seven it broads out beyond Superman, there”s an attack on the Fortress of Solitude, no spoilers!”

Cunningham added that while it was the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman, this summer will see a lot of changes to the Superman universe, including the new team of writer and DC CCO Geoff Johns and artist John Romita Jr. on “Superman.”

The group touched on the upcoming “Superman: Doomed” event, showing the audience a promo image of Superman for the crossover before speaking about the relaunched “Teen Titans.”

“We”re going to focus on the celebrity these teens have…and there”s going to be an anti-hero showing up we haven”t seen yet,” book editor Cotton told the audience.

The panelists then showed a promo image for the third weekly series DC had recently announced, “Earth 2: World”s End,” the image showing Power Girl and Superman looking on as Batman held an unconscious Huntress in his arms.

Moving into the digital realm, Chadwick took the microphone to speak about “Batman “66,” describing it as a breakout hit.

“We”ve got Joker, we”ve got Catwoman…it will come out twice a month on Wednesdays,” Chadwick said, speaking about a new three-part story arc beginning in issue #32.

Bringing an image of Alex Ross up on screen, Chadwick told the audience that “Batman “66 Meets The Green Hornet,” featuring writing by Kevin Smith will be released concurrently with the main series.

“We”re picking up on the crossover done between these characters on the TV series,” Chadwick added, stating that the first chapter is coming out in May and alternating with the ongoing “Batman ’66” series.

The panelists then switched mediums again to show a teaser for the video game “Infinite Crisis” from Warner Brothers Interactive, announcing that there will also be a tie-in digital comic that will prelude to the story in the game. Written by Dan Abnett, Chadwick explained that in the comic, “Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse,” the story begins as Batman investigates a crime before realizing the stakes are bigger than he thought, “And he and a team are trying to stop the destruction of the multiverse,” Chadwick added.

“There is some gameplay online you can find on youtube, it”s very cool, check it out!” Lee added.

Chadwick then stated there are some characters in the comic who will not appear in the game, like “Atomic Two-Face,” Chadwick said, showing an image of the character fighting Batman.

The panel then played a second video game trailer for the new Batman game, “Batman: Arkham Knight,” the trailer featuring a voiceover with Thomas Wayne asking his son to look after Gotham over images of gameplay as Batman faces Two-Face and his gas-masked goons.

Cunningham said the game will come out later this year, before speaking about the “return of Injustice” to cheers and applause. Chadwick explained that after the events of “Injustice: Gods Among Us” year one, “There will be a lot more focus on the Green Lanterns because…it”s not cool one of these heroes is taking over and removing free will.”

Written again by Tom Taylor, with digital chapters on sale starting April 22, Chadwick added that Sinestro will be helping Superman, “And Hal Jordan is very torn to where his allegiance lies.” Chadwick also clarified that the book will be moving back to a weekly format with two print books collecting the weekly digital chapters.

The audience cheered again as the panel switched to Vertigo, and Bond spoke about “Sandman: Overture.”

“I”d just describe it as majestic,” Bond said, praising Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III work on the title and naming the series a Dream “origin story.” She then moved onto the series “FBP,” adding that they are planning to release large trades of their monthly ongoing series for 9.99, starting with “FBP” followed by “Hinterkind” and “Coffin Hill.”

Bond then announced a new eight-issue series about a time-traveling serial-killer called “Bodies.”

“We”ve got four detectives, four different eras and one body,” Bond said, adding that four artists will tackle each era: artist Dean Ormston for a Jack The Ripper-era story, Phil Winslade in the 1940s, 2014 by Meghan Hetrick and new artist Tula Lotay doing the 2050 segment. Paul Pope, Francesco Francavilla and other artist will be on covers.

“This series is set in London…it”s going to be a dissection of the political and social mores of those times,” Bond added, saying it is written by “City Of Demons” scribe Si Spencer.

Cunningham then opened the floor to audience questions, beginning with a fan who wanted to know when “Fables” will official be ending. “We”re looking at the early part of next year,” Bond said.

The next fan to the microphone asked Bond if there will be any chance Vertigo might get their own animated DVDs like “Son Of Batman.”

“I think it would be awesome to see Vertigo stuff, it”s just you would have to go to an R-rating,” Lee said, explaining that they had no plans to do so but they wouldn”t rule it out. Cunningham added that “Scalped,” “iZombie” and “DMV” were recently announced as being developed for TV.

Lee told a fan or Mr. Myxlplyx that he would not appear in the end of “Superman Unchained,” before telling another audience member that in terms of “All-Star Batman And Robin” Lee had meet with Frank Miller a month ago.

“It wouldn”t surprise me if something happened…but I think I need to take a break from monthly books after ‘Superman Unchained,”” Lee said, adding he wouldn”t feel comfortable announcing anything until the whole thing was finished.

A ten year old boy asked Lee for advice on how to become a comic book artist. “Draw for fun, get a sketchbook…its all about having characters in space and understanding perspective,” Lee said, adding, “embrace the passion and the desire and just draw.”

“Draw all the time!” Lee concluded, signing an autograph for the boy as the audience applauded.

A fan of the New 52 asked if in Grant Morrison”s “Multiversity” series the original, un-relaunched DC Universe exists.

“Thanks for coming!” Cunningham joked as the audience laughed, plugging “Multiversity”s” beginning in August before moving to the final question from a fan who asked Lee which character he enjoyed drawing the most.

“I enjoyed Superman…until I was six issues in [to ‘Superman Unchained”] and asked, who designed this, it”s so much work!” Lee joked before naming the Flash as one of his favorites, bringing the panel to a close.