All access with DC Comics at WonderCon 2014

(CBR) At WonderCon 2014, DC Entertainment kicked off their All Access panel with moderator John Cunningham, DC VP of Marketing, introducing the rest of the panel guests: artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, DC Digital editor Jim Chadwick, Vertigo editor Shelly Bond and DC editor Mike Cotton.

The group then began speaking about the upcoming end of “Superman Unchained” and Lois Lane”s prominent role in the book.

“She”s a critical player in all this, as it Jimmy [Olsen],” Lee told the audience. “Issue seven it broads out beyond Superman, there”s an attack on the Fortress of Solitude, no spoilers!”

Cunningham added that while it was the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman, this summer will see a lot of changes to the Superman universe, including the new team of writer and DC CCO Geoff Johns and artist John Romita Jr. on “Superman.”

The group touched on the upcoming “Superman: Doomed” event, showing the audience a promo image of Superman for the crossover before speaking about the relaunched “Teen Titans.”

“We”re going to focus on the celebrity these teens have…and there”s going to be an anti-hero showing up we haven”t seen yet,” book editor Cotton told the audience.

The panelists then showed a promo image for the third weekly series DC had recently announced, “Earth 2: World”s End,” the image showing Power Girl and Superman looking on as Batman held an unconscious Huntress in his arms.

Moving into the digital realm, Chadwick took the microphone to speak about “Batman “66,” describing it as a breakout hit.