Allison Janney says Loretta from ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ deserves her own show

It's easy to appreciate the work of Allison Janney because Allison Janney is in, um, basically everything.

The “West Wing” alum won two Emmys this year: one for her supporting turn as the titular matriarch on CBS' “Mom” and another for the Showtime drama “Masters of Sex.” She also appeared in the Melissa McCarthy espionage comedy “Spy” and the high school satire “The Duff.” Now, to add to an already full plate of 2015 kookiness, she provides a voice in the new animated movie “Minions.” She might not get to be as ridiculous as Jon Hamm, but she's lovable and quaint as Madge Nelson.

We quizzed Janney on her favorite actors, her love of “Groundhog Day,” and the potential for a “Drop Dead Gorgeous” TV reboot. 

“Minions” hits theaters today.